Atassh… Acquire The Art of Selling Sincerely And Honorably.

Atassh provides specialized 'Training & Development’ programs for people in Sales, employed with various business houses. The workshops and programs conducted are scientifically conceived. The training is imparted vide audio, video and demonstration workshop, with an optional on-the-job training.

Atassh Consultants is a progressive and professionally managed institute, exclusively dedicated for the development of salespeople. Atassh consultants, formally known as Atassh Institute of Management launched on March 21, 1991 provides specialized Training & Development programs.

Training Program Modules

The primary focus is on motivation. To meet the challenges posed by competition, face the heat in the marketplace and effectively and efficiently make the breakthroughs. Training to hone the skills and develop talents of the salesperson, to understand, the Human Side of Selling, through insights from the fields of psychology and behavioral science. The program structures scientifically researched techniques which enable sales people to understand what Motivates the Customer. Using these and other powerful positive sales tools the salesperson can overcome resistance, build confidence and achieve the desired results, honorably.

Sales wokshops conducted by Atassh are patronized by
some of the best known companies in the corporate sector.

A shift in focus is essential. Today selling is:
Atassh Not just outselling the competition. It is outthinking them.
organization Not treating all customers alike. It is selling the way customer wants to buy.
Consultant Not depending on personal relationship to make the sale. It is creating organizational relationship based on customer’s business requirements.
HR Consultancy Not simply calling on high level. It is calling on people with influence.
Weekend Programs Not just knowing who the key decision makers are. It is being able to gain access to them and speak their language.
program Not relying on product features to differentiate your product offering. It is creating benefits based on the way the customer uses your product.
HR Consultancy Not just understanding your customer’s neededs. It understands what is critical to their business and how to help them to attain the advantage.
HR Not just providing value to your customers. It is providing value to your customer’s customer.
sales revenue Not just generating sales revenue. It is achieving profitability and sustainable edge to your organization.

Weekend programs: Every Saturday & Sunday the program will be conducted at a star venue in Mumbai. The program will include tea & snacks and lunch. Study material will be made available at a nominal price in order to enable its utilization and usefulness as an objective.

The program will be conducted as hereunder:

First & Third week for: Collaborative Selling Skills.
Second week for: Leadership the Mentoring way.
Fourth week for: Communication, Conversation Control.
Every Tuesday & Wednesday: Professional Selling Skills for Retail Industry.
Cost of Participation: Rs.8500/- per participant for two days.
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